Established in 2018, NutrIcon is a new way of looking at fitness. We are a brand that is proudly South African, looking to give anyone who is committed to a healthy fitness regime a taste of international quality, because frankly, that’s what you deserve. In both 2018 and 2019 NutrIcon was the head sponsor for PCA, South Africa.

All our protein supplement formulas were created by a league of athletes, for everyone and anyone who is looking to make a lifestyle change in terms of health and fitness. Who better to understand your fitness needs than people who have been there, done that, tried and tested everything along the way?

Again and again, we have seen how sometimes fitness enthusiasts resort to short cuts or products that just do not fit their expectations or their needs. Often times not even on purpose, but by being mislead about what exactly is being put into different products.

Our products are different because they encompass all the flavours and ingredients from across the world, but produced and delivered locally. We are completely transparent about our ingredients because we want you to know what you are putting into your body, know that it is completely safe and understand why it works- not just for athletes, but for everyone. With full- disclosure on all of our labels, you can be sure to leave your trust in NutrIcon.