Top 4 Fitness Myths

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts that we are all familiar with when it comes to exercising, and many of us accept what we have heard as the truth, even if we don’t know why these things are considered essential. Therefore, we’re going to take you through the top 4 myths that could completely change the way you look at your exercise routine.

  1. Always stretch before you exercise.

This is probably the most common misconception that almost everyone has. In fact, not only has stretching before a workout not shown any real benefits, but it’s shown more disadvantages- such as weakening your muscles by up to 30%. A better approach would be some light weight lifting or a simple warm-up such as a brisk walk, to get those muscles going. However, always stretch after you work out, that is not a myth.

  1. You can tone down your body in just one area of your body.

Trust me, we’re all after superstar’s abs, but focusing on just one area of your body won’t cut it. It all comes down to trying to burn as much fuel as you can to get the results you want. Doing 200 crunches a day, truly will not give everyone with different body types the same results.

  1. Men and women should do different workouts.

We are all from the same species and what makes our bodies react differently to exercise is our hormones. That means that women don’t need to use lighter weights and do more reps; instead, use a weight that challenges your muscles. Women are often afraid of becoming too buff, but the chances of that happening are quite slim because it is the testosterone in men that allows them to have bigger builds. Same goes for men, that means you can have all the chest, abs and shoulders in the world, but that means nothing if you skip leg day.

  1. You’ll lose more on an empty stomach.

Working out on an empty stomach can be dangerous to your health. Even though it may be true that you’ll lose more on an empty stomach, most of the time you’re losing muscle, which at the end of the day is counterproductive to any fitness goal.

Remember, when it comes to working out, whatever your goal is- we’re all doing it for a good reason. As a result, you want to make sure you’re doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

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