Why Strength Athletes NEED ZMA

Many strength athletes become deficient in minerals such as zinc and magnesium. When you exercise, you sweat. When you sweat, you lose zinc. When you are working out, your body is under pressure to produce ATP (Adenosine 5′-triphosphate), as it is broken down in your cells. ATP is the compound that is in charge of storing and transferring energy. As a result of this rushed synthesis, your magnesium levels tend to drop.

If you are deficient in zinc and magnesium, you may find that you are losing weight, your wounds are healing slowly, your sleeping patterns feel disrupted, and overall your performance or endurance is dropping. Which is why it is so essential to maintain your levels of zinc and magnesium, to ensure your health remains intact.

Zinc supports your immune system by maintaining a healthy heart and respiratory system as well as keeping cholesterol levels in check. It aids in hormone production, specifically the release of testosterone, which helps you build lean muscle mass.

Magnesium aids your metabolism, overall muscle health and manages your quality of sleep. For this reason, we found it crucial to introduce a new product to our Iconic Series.

ZMA (Zinc-Magnesium Aspartate) has been clinically tried and tested to improve strength and stamina, speed up muscle recovery, improve the quality of sleep, help manage your endocrine system and help in the production of lean muscle mass.

Gone are the days of feeling weak and exhausted during (and even after) a workout. ZMA helps improve not only your quality of sleep but also your mood! ZMA should be used by any serious strength training athlete, male or female, enhanced or not.

With the addition of boron, ZMA also helps promote strong bones, muscle coordination and improved thinking skills, as a result of free testosterone. Boron also helps in the metabolism of magnesium, which is why these elements pair so well together. Whether enhanced or not, ZMA may be the thing you have been waiting for!

Our ZMA supplement is now available on our website for only R299.99, for 90 capsules!

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