Age :19 years old
Birthday :4 January
Hometown :Pretoria, Montana
Workplace :Body Guru Montana
Occupation :Personal Trainer for kids under the age of 15 and for Adults.
Also a Pharmaceutical Representative.

More about myself :
I am a very Independent Person that works hard and settle only for what is fair and honest. I have Chosen to do Bodybuilding because it helps me to have Goals in life and to work for something greater that will improve my future. I am a Personal trainer at Body Guru Montana.
In 2016 I started the Body Guru kids team, I am training kids under the age of 15 years after school, most of them are overweight so my goal is to help kids develop a healthy lifestyle while they are still young and full of energy. In the Morning and Evening I train adults. Along with my Personal training work I completed my Personal training certificate at HFPA and completed my Pharmaceutical Representative course at Smartgroup.
For the future I am planning to still Compete and to Inspire woman and younger children to stay healthy and to develop a healthier lifestyle. I want to be an Inspiration for others!!!
But for now I am concentrating on maintaining my condition for World’s on the 28th of October to fulfil my Dream of standing on an World’s stage along with some of the greatest athletes worldwide!! And I couldn’t Have come this far without Nutri-con, thanks to them they have made it a possibility for me to compete Overseas!

Shows I have done :
2016 :
-Novice fitness bikini : 1st place
-H&H classic: fitness bikini 1st place + Overall fitness bikini winner.
-Millennium : Junior Fitness Bikini 1st place +Overall winner fitness bikini -Provincials Ifbb : 1st Place junior fitness Bikini -South African Championships Ifbb : 4 th place junior fitness bikini

-Arnold’s classic Africa : junior fitness bikini 6th place

-H&H classic : Juniors trained Bikini 1st Place

– PCA provincials : 1st Place Juniors trained bikini+ Overall winner Trained and Toned Bikini

-PCA South African Championships : 1st Place Juniors trained bikini + Overall winner Trained and Toned Bikini

Shows still to come :
-PCA World’s in Birmingham England on the 28th of October.