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Nutricon’s Absolute Amino have been formulated to help reduce the time it takes your muscles to recover, whilst offering sustained energy and muscle building contributing properties. There are 20 Amino Acids of which 9 are considered essential and used by the body to rebuild muscle. These 9 Amino Acids are required by the body to help construct new tissue and aid muscle repair and are deemed 'essential' since ultimately, they cannot be synthesised or created by the body and therefore the only way we can get them is through foods and supplementation.


  Maltodextrin is a modified carbohydrate that has attributes of both simple, and complex carbohydrates. It is rapidly digested and assimilated much like glucose, but due to the fact that it has a much lower osmolarity, it is far less inclined to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and/or bloating, making it the ideal beverage to consume during, or for bracketing one’s workouts. This will help sustain energy levels during workouts, replenish muscle glycogen and most importantly to assist the spike of insulin strategically and more effectively to assist nutrient partitioning into muscle cells.


  1. Loading Phase: It is recommended to load for 3 days, take 2 teaspoons (10 g) twice daily. On days of your workout, take 2 teaspoons before your workout and 2 teaspoons (10 g) after your workout.
After Loading: Take 1 teaspoon (5 g) twice daily. As with all Creatine products, maintain an adequate state of hydration during use.  


Omega 3 is essential, meaning that our bodies cannot produce it and we need to source it externally. As such, we have isolated Omega 3 individually in easy to consume, soft gel capsules.   Omega 3 is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatories at our disposal, which can assist recovery during intensive and exhaustive exercise or perhaps following injury and may be one of the most powerful over the counter non-prescription resource we have at our disposal to alleviate pain and discomfort in sore and aching joints. Omega 3 assists cardiac health by lowering levels of LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and increasing HDL (“good cholesterol”). It also promotes healthy endocrine function and insulin sensitivity. Despite its incredible benefits, it is arguably the most underrated and overlooked supplement that bodybuilders and serious athletes and are simply not taking enough of.  


There is no miracle fat loss supplement nor fat burner. However, we have put together a synergistic blend of tried and tested, clinically backed and dosed ingredients that efficaciously assist the utilisation and mobilization of fat reserves for fuel, during periods of prolonged caloric deficits which assist in shredding body fat, and greatly enhancing definition. These have been made even more effective with clinically proven absorption additives, notwithstanding additional ancillaries incorporated to mitigate any adverse effects of the stimulants therein. Enhanced and sustained energy, enhanced performance, increased power output, razor sharp focus and cognitive function during periods of prolonged dieting.



Not everyone likes the “tingling” sensation, referred to scientifically as paraesthesia, associated with Beta Alanine. As such, we have made a stand alone Beta-Alanine product that hardcore users, or perhaps just those looking for the extra edge can mix in their pre, or use on its own.

With the obvious exception of creatine Monohydrate, Beta-Alanine is one of the most clinically and scientifically proven supplements that can increase time to exhaustion by delaying muscular fatigue, and can have a pronounced and positive effect on overall power output.


Having favourable levels of testosterone, while mitigating any adverse effects of excessive estrogen is the goal of any serious strength training athlete, male or female. TestoForge uses a never-before-seen combination of cutting edge ingredients, which are used in a multifaceted approach to increase testosterone from multiple pathways and to do so synergistically. Nothing but clinically efficacious doses provide a great solution to the natural athlete, or perhaps to those who have been using exogenous hormones and are looking to kickstart their endogenous hormones back into homeostasis.  


Zinc and magnesium are two minerals that have been proven to be deficient in many strength athletes, despite being extremely important. These two minerals are vital for immune system function, the growth and repair of cells, blood pressure and blood sugar regulation and evidence strongly suggests that both can have a positive effect on endocrine function, namely the increase and production of endogenous testosterone. The tried, tested and trademarked ZMA formulation has been added, with the quintessential and often overlooked addition of boron which has been shown to significantly increase free testosterone, whether an athlete is enhanced or not. Nutricon’s ZMA can and should be used by any serious strength training athlete - male or female, enhanced or otherwise.