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NAC is a semi-essential amino acid that recycles Glutathione, the human body's most abundant and most powerful antioxidant. Glutathione is a valuable source of antioxidants, essential in mitigating cellular damage attributed to free radical production, and may support healthy immune function. NAC and Glutathione may be beneficial to maintain brain health, fertility and respiratory function. NacC600 also has 1000 mg added vitamin C, another powerful cellular antioxidant to further support healthy and ideal immune function, and could protect against the oxidative stress induced by exercise.

TRT (Testosterone Regeneration Therapy)


Optimising testosterone levels is the goal of any serious strength training athlete. TRT was created with the idea of maximising testosterone levels in a multi-faceted approach.  Male sex drive and fertility are aspects which get adversely affected by modern day living standards, stress, degradation of fruits and vegetables through deterioration of soil through poor farming practice and BPCs in convenience plastics and containers, exogenous testosterone, and anabolic usage. TRT was developed to assist the body with testosterone production directly, and then again inadvertently through the support of Luteinizing hormone.