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Collagen forms the foundation and frame work for all connective tissue in the human body from skin, hair and nails to bones, tendons and ligaments. Ingesting higher amounts of collagen daily, particularly hydrolysed collagen, may assist to ease joint pain, assist with injury recovery in connective tissue and the subsequent discomfort thereof in addition to being used prophylactically to prevent unwanted collagen deterioration in such areas, whilst supporting healthy, flourishing-looking skin, hair and nails. Furthermore, Nutricon Collagen Joint Matrix contains other pertinent ingredients like Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM which have been used successfully by informed, strength-training athletes and those suffering with arthritis to assist mitigate the joint pain and discomfort associated with such conditions, others like it, in addition to the strain and deterioration in such areas accrued as a result of continued heavy lifting, compounded over time. Continue to lift heavy and put a cap on unwanted joint aches and pains that are commensurate with serious strength training, with peace of mind and continue to do so with that warm, radiant glow from your hair, skin and nails.


NAC is a semi-essential amino acid that recycles Glutathione, the human body's most abundant and most powerful antioxidant. Glutathione is a valuable source of antioxidants, essential in mitigating cellular damage attributed to free radical production, and may support healthy immune function. NAC and Glutathione may be beneficial to maintain brain health, fertility and respiratory function. NacC600 also has 1000 mg added vitamin C, another powerful cellular antioxidant to further support healthy and ideal immune function, and could protect against the oxidative stress induced by exercise.