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Unlike other products on the market, Ultimate porridge is a delicious performance hybrid cereal containing both 60% rice flour, and 30% oat flour. In lieu of being a pure “cream of rice” product, this cereal combines both oats and rice to deliver the benefits of both carbohydrate sources. We have done this to best assist the consumer with greater satiety levels while delivering carbohydrates in a far more sustained and controlled manner than just rice flour alone. This prevents ebbs and troughs in blood sugar levels, keeping energy levels far more sustained and consistent during the day and during exercise allowing one to perform maximally and at one’s best, for longer. This easy mixing cereal also contains Himalayan pink salt right at the offset, added to replenish minerals and electrolytes lost through perspiration and strenuous exercise expenditure. With the added oat flour, we have also created a product that is geared toward keeping muscle glycogen levels fuller for longer. Delicious, easy to mix, very easy to digest and very easy for the body to utilise and assimilate.