Monique Jansen van Vuuren

Name: Monique Jansen van Vuuren
Age: 27
Born: North West province.
Occupation: Operations Manager at Body20 studio in Stoneridge & Personal trainer.

I have been competing in the Fitness Bikini division from August 2019. I am still new to all of it. But it’s truely been life changing to find what I’m most a passionate about.

Fitness Journey:

I was a dancer for 16 years since I was 3 years old. I started weight training after my dancing journey ended. I instantly fell in love with weight training. I have been training for about 7 years now. Training will forever be part of my future. It’s who I am. Training is my go to place to clear my head and the place where I can 100% just be myself


IBFF federation completed the first two competitions.

Overall Bikini Fitness Winner 2019

1st Place Bikini Fitness Winner 2019

IFBB federation after I took 1st place at Supersummerbodies Dec 2019 it led to my invitation to Arnold’s Classic 2020.


I completed my Bcom Honors degree in Industrial Phychology. I’m passionate about inspiring others and helping people. I love the fitness and health industry so much that I decided to change from a business career to the health and fitness industry. I found that waking up in the mornings doing what I’m doing today is a lot more worth it or rewarding than a desk job that I did not look forward to daily. I Completed my Personal Training qualification through Trifocus.

Why Bodybuilding?

I came accross many people asking me why I don’t compete. My answer always being ..”I don’t want to be a pony on stage getting judged for what my body looks like”. Little did I know what discipline it takes to get your mind and body ready for that stage and the most amazing proud feeling that goes with it! My coach Warren made me believe that I got potential as an athlete and that he will be my sponser. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity he gave me. The door opened for me and I found my passion in life. It gave me reason to why I’ve been training as hard as I did all these years.

Favourite EXERCISES:

DEADLIFTS AND SQUATS all the way all damn day! Lol. I love doing weight training exercises that are challenging enough for me to want to start crying! I’ve learned that the most painful and difficult exercises are the ones that give the best rewards mentally and physically.

Exercises I Dislike:

I’m sure no one enjoys the discomfort or pain from performing certain exercises. But for me…. I prefer the pain, the discomfort, the burn knowing that it’s just a moment to push yourself through that discomfort in order to get the reward afterwards. It’s what you make of it. Thus, I enjoy all exercises.

Favourite cheat meal:

Any thing sweet makes me smile.
Future goals and ambitions both with fitness and outside of the sport:
In fitness. I see changes in my body every year. I am working for my best physique so I can earn my procard as a bikini fitness athlete. My dream is to compete internationally one day.
Professionally I want to own my own Body20 branch in New Zealand.
Personally I want to grow into a better version of myself. I am still working on that everyday. Nobody is perfect.

What motivates you:

Being alive and healthy is enough motivation to keep me going. I will always be thankful for that.

Being part of team Nutricon:
THE TEAM IS SUPER AMAZING! We are like a family and I am unbelievably thankful to be part of the Nutricon brand. Nutricon supplementation helps me with my fitness journey in many ways. It works for me. Proudly NutriconSA!

What I believe:

Always work extra hard and do your very best in what you want to achieve. Don’t ever compare yourself to others but only to yourself.
Most importantly… Never give up on your dreams. They matter. You matter. And YOU CAN DO IT!

Famous Last Words:

God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers. Be BRAVE.