Sarah Lotter is a Biokineticist, One on One trainer and Online Fitness Coach. She has practiced for over 15 years, currently working in Johannesburg where she works together with her company Dynamite Training and other affiliate trainers under her watch with Sheriff Training Systems, the online coaching platform.

Her specialities lie in assisting corporate and lifestyle clients whether working through injuries or not, obtain a balanced healthy and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle through holistic coaching, training, following the correct meal plans and supplementation. She also assists many clients through their body transformations or bodybuilding clients achieve their on stage bodybuilding goals.

She has been sporty her whole life, receiving many accolades under her belt, most notably her back to back comrades medals, wins in body building and horse riding showjumping shows.

Born in Durban, and completing her studies in Cape Town, she is the mom to 2 fur babies and happily married to Jack Lotter. Her motto in life is “Start as you mean to go on” in other words, start something that you know you are going to commit to with your body mind and soul!