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Here we provide the ultimate in “turn-key” pre-workout solutions. Stims, nootropics, vasodilators, performance enhancers and lactic acid buffers. We have it all! NutriCon PreErupt facilitates ideal cell hyperemia, optimal vasodilation, enhanced nutrient partitioning into working muscles, a quick, and yet equally sustained energy release for both mind and body and most importantly a nootropic base for unparalleled mental clarity and focus.  


NAC is a semi-essential amino acid that recycles Glutathione, the human body's most abundant and most powerful antioxidant. Glutathione is a valuable source of antioxidants, essential in mitigating cellular damage attributed to free radical production, and may support healthy immune function. NAC and Glutathione may be beneficial to maintain brain health, fertility and respiratory function. NacC600 also has 1000 mg added vitamin C, another powerful cellular antioxidant to further support healthy and ideal immune function, and could protect against the oxidative stress induced by exercise.