3 Circuit Fat Burner

If you’re looking for a full body workout to burn away those winter blues, we might just have the answer you’ve been looking for- and the best part is that it can all be done in the comfort of your own home!

This is a 3 circuit fat burning workout. May I warn you, this is not for the feint of heart, as you want keep your body moving as much as possible, so ideally avoid having resting intervals until the full round is complete.

Circuit 1: Rest for 30 seconds between rounds.

Burpees (3 sets, 30 seconds)

Jumping jacks (3 sets, 30 seconds)

Circuit 2: Rest for 45 seconds between rounds.

High knees (3 sets, 45 seconds)

Side-to-side box skip (3 sets, 45 seconds)

Circuit 3: Rest for 60 seconds between rounds.

Mountain climber (3 sets, 60 seconds)

Alternating lunge jump (3 sets, 30 seconds)

Jump squat (3 sets, 30 seconds)

If you’re starting out and are not yet in a set routine when it comes to exercising, do not feel dismayed if you have a difficult time getting through the workout. Rest in intervals you are comfortable with and lessen those intervals over time as the workout becomes easier to finish.

In addition, while we acknowledge that there is no true weight loss miracle besides hard work and a healthy diet, we are excited to bring our Lipo-Ignite thermogenic composite to the table, which is now a part of our Iconic series.

Lipo-Ignite is a synergistic blend of ingredients which assist in the utilisation and mobilisation of fat reserves, which essentially means that while you are doing your workout, it is focusing on shredding body fat and enhancing overall definition.

Having a supplement before a high intensity workout, such as this one, benefits you because it has the ability to enhance and sustain your levels of energy, enhance your performance, increase your power output and overall assist in returning focus and cognitive functioning to those prone to periods of prolonged dieting.

Head over to our website if you are not yet familiar with our new Iconic series, as we may just have the thing you are looking for. No matter your craft, we understand the needs of all athletes and have the answers to the questions you may be asking yourself.

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