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Nutricon Whey + Isolate is a quality Whey Protein which has been instantized for easy mixing and formulated for great taste. This product contains no added fats and low carbohydrates which makes it the ideal choice for adding lean muscle-building protein into your diet. Nutricon Whey + Isolate Protein is rich in Glutamine and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) which accelerate recovery from intense training. Nutricon Whey + Isolate has been scientifically manufactured using low temperature filtration technology which preserves the integrity of the protein while avoiding denaturation. This ensures that the Whey Protein micro fractions remain biologically active, so that the user will reap the immuno-enhancing, muscle building benefits inherent in this amazing product. Feel free to peruse our ingredient and amino acid profile for complete, open and honest transparency. No amino spiking! Only the very best and most ideal essential and conditionally essential amino acid ratios are provided, in each and every serving.